Jean Regan

President, CEO & Chairman of the Board
TranzAct Technologies, Inc.


have a BS in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and a Masters of Management Degree with a Minor in Finance from Northwestern University

Specialized areas of Expertise

Strategic Direction & Finance

Years of Experience

23 years of experience

Professional memberships/associations/certifications

Vistage, Executive Committee; member of The National Association of Corporate Directors; member of AICPA; member of The Illinois CPA Society; I am on the Board of Directors of Sentry Insurance and L3; a member of CSCMP.

W&L: What is your current role and responsibilities within your area of expertise?

JR: I am the Owner and President at TranzAct. I provide strategic direction and executive management; oversee financial, administrative and operational activities; oversee IT, Customer Service and Operational Groups; and direct all financial aspects of the corporation, including all corporate banking and investments.

W&L: What Ship-Shapes You? Tell us about your career goals and what drives you as a woman in Logistics.

JR: Positioning my company as an industry leader and being recognized as delivering quality services is an ongoing goal for me. Providing substantial savings to my clients and providing an environment that fosters growth for my employees is a daily goal for me.

W&L: Have you received any special recognition for your work? What is a career highlight?

JR: One of my biggest career highlights was the development and launch of TranzAct’s StarPay program in 2005. TranzAct had been processing freight bills for twenty years when we began to brainstorm the idea. It took three years to develop the program based on the knowledge many talented TranzAct individuals had garnered over those twenty years, along with customer and carrier input. The finished product was a powerful, new freight payment system that was web based and easily customizable to meet our customers individual needs.

W&L: What do you believe are the biggest factors for success?

JR: Hard work and determination have been two prominent keys to my success. I believe that you have to be cognizant of your individual leadership strengths and weaknesses. Play to your strengths, but also seek out resources to help you in areas where your leadership skills are not as strong. The desire to succeed is also a key – You have to foster a competitive spirit. The ability to listen is also important – a successful leader needs to spend more time listening rather than talking and do this by a large margin. I think TranzAct has done a good job of attracting high caliber individuals with differing skill sets – I think a middle market company does itself a disservice by hiring all “me too” people or people who think and act just like the President. Lively dissension and conversation are good for a company’s soul.

W&L: What drew you to working in logistics/supply chain management?

JR: My husband, Mike, started TranzAct in 1983 with another partner and I watched him grow the company from a small start-up to a flourishing company. I joined the company in 1987 at the request of Mike’s partner and we bought out the partner within four months.

W&L: How has the business changed since you joined?

JR: There have been many changes in the logistics industry since I entered this field, some positive and some negative.

The positives are the industry is constantly changing and growing; there are many opportunities for employees to flourish and advance their careers; and the industry will always be needed – a company can buy or make a product at the right price but if they don’t deliver it on time, the customer’s perception of that product has been destroyed.

The negatives are the continued onslaught of legislation at all levels has increased costs and potential liability for shippers; the impact of technology is good and bad – good in that it improves service and transparency, bad in that it is extremely challenging and expensive to stay ahead of the technology curve; and there are many companies who misrepresent their capabilities making it difficult for shippers to discern between those companies that can deliver successfully and those who have what I term as “vaporware.”

W&L: Would you recommend logistics as a career choice?

JR: I would most definitely recommend logistics as a career choice. The industry is constantly changing which keeps it interesting. You always have to be on top of your game. There is little chance of being pigeonholed into a position and remaining there for life… the opportunities for education and advancement are there. If you want to be successful in logistics you need to constantly educate yourself and evolve to meet the constantly changing dynamics of the industry.

W&L: Have you ever felt that you were at a disadvantage being a woman in logistics?

JR: I have worked with many customers, carriers and suppliers over my career, in and out of logistics, and I have personally never felt that being a woman created a disadvantage for me. I have always been confident of my abilities and I think I portray that confidence in my dealings with people.

W&L: Any advice for women entering the field?

JR: Yes - Read, read, & read. Learn, learn & learn. Network, network & network! Get involved! Don’t think that just because you just finished college that your education is over.

W&L: What is your Favorite Online Logistics Resource?

JR: &

Favorite quote or words to live by

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."

–Albert Einstein

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.

~ Warren Buffett