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The opportunities for a career in logistics are better now than ever before. Today, women everywhere are breaking the mold and moving to the top in this industry. This organization supports these women.

Meet, share, succeed.

Women and Logistics is open to all women and men in supply chain and related professions. Our goal is to foster growth for our members through mentorship, a wealth of resources, networking, education and collaboration.

Personal and professional progress requires balance. The journey towards that balance is even more rewarding when shared with others. By providing access to seasoned professionals and their experiences, members can improve no only on a personal level, but will be given the tools to ultimately improve practices within their organizations.

Find your place in the rewarding industry of logistics and supply chain. It takes just minutes to become a member, and your level of participation is up to you.

  • Stay connected to your industry through this supportive organization.
  • Stay Informed with current industry news and professional development resources.
  • Stay involved by attending local and national events.
  • Stay recognized by becoming a member. Get to know other successful women in logistics.
  • Stay supported by respected, experienced and talented mentors to guide you.
  • Stay educated through programs that continue to increase your value.

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    Women's Leadership Exchange

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Terri Reid
Director, Transportation and Supply Chain Famous Footwear

Terri discusses her drive and quest for success in Logistics and how she made the most out of her opportunities in this candid interview with Women and Logistics. Read more...

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